Revolutionizing 3D molecular visualization for scientists and learners.

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"Autodesk's viewer is the ultimate tool for exploring and sharing molecules"

Malte Tinnus. Researcher



Share a simple web link to send interactive 3D molecular slides.

Save 3D snapshots of structure customizations and annotations using your desktop browser, then share your curated molecular content by generating a web link. If you’re a blogger or have a website, our iFrame code allows you to embed the interactive 3D environment directly into your page.

Present molecular content anywhere, anytime, even on the go.

Shared Molecule Viewer web links can be opened on any web browser. This means your 3D content can be loaded on your smartphone or tablet devices. All shared links are opened in our 'Presentation View’, enabling you to interact with and direct your presentation the way you want to without.

Step into your molecular creation through immersive smartphone virtual realitye

Immerse yourself into any molecular content with a single click that reconfigures your smartphone browser friendly for virtual reality. Slot your smartphone in a cardboard VR device ($10) (link?) and be immediately translocated into a molecular world!


Take a look on how to create a molecular presentation within 60 seconds.

"Autodesk's viewer is the ultimate tool for exploring and sharing molecules"

Malte Tinnus. Researcher



Monthly news bites on molecular visualization for the modern scientist.


The BioNano Research group at Autodesk is dedicated to developing technology that accelerates scientific progress. We believe that this ambitious mission can only succeed through an open collaboration with our peers in academia and industry. We are committed to aggregating the best ideas and workflows from the life sciences and combining them with Autodesk's deep knowledge and experience delivering the most popular, successful engineering tools on the planet. Our team is composed of leading PhD scientists, experience designers and software developers. Together we are developing the next generation of molecular biology tools!

Cornelia Scheitz, Conny Scheitz
Merry Wang. Senior Research Scientist
Max Bates
Andrew Kimoto. Pr. Software Engineer
Duncan Meech
Michael Zyracki. Sr. Pr. Software Architect
Drew Hylbert
Dave Parker. Sr. Software Engineer
Drew Hylbert
Malte Tinnus. Sr. Pr. Designer