Autodesk Life Sciences

Biology is the next design revolution.

We are a group of Scientists, Software developers, and User Experience experts who are working together to produce a best in class product for biological design.


Easy and fast collaboration on 3D molecular data.

Molecule Viewer is an online, 3D visualization tool for modern scientists and learners. Create, share, and present publication-quality interactive 3D molecular walkthroughs in seconds, all in your browser. Anywhere, anytime. Even in virtual reality.

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Molecule Viewer


An extensible toolkit for genetic engineering.

Genetic Constructor is an extensible CAD tool, making powerful biological design and genetic engineering accessible in the cloud. Work on genetic designs at the sequence level and at higher levels of abstraction, simultaneously and integrate with real world DNA manufacturing to bring your engineered biological systems to life.

New tools and technologies for DNA engineering will help you transform the world we live in.

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Genetic Constructor


We are on the cusp of a revolution where the same design principles applied to the built environment can be applied to biology. The Life Sciences group at Autodesk aims to create the best design software for scientists to design the next generation. We aim to place the full power of Autodesk software in the hands of scientists, thereby enabling a new world where biological design software will move from a barrier to an enabler of scientific progress.

Merry Wang
Larry Peck. Head of Life Sciences
Merry Wang
Eli Groban. Head of Science
Merry Wang
Florencio Mazzoldi. Head of Engineering
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